Prince County Hospital Foundation


The PCH Foundation mission is to uphold, enhance and support the vision of our hospital as a flagship of utmost quality care by; raising funds to purchase priority medical equipment for Prince County Hospital; being diligent stewards of investment funds on hand; and promoting awareness and generating positive messages to the public.

PCH Foundation

Organizational Mandate and Community Impact
For over a century now, Prince County Hospital has been essential in the lives of patients and their families from across Prince Edward Island. Memories are made here every day. Babies are born, lives are saved, and loved ones are bid farewell. The Prince County Hospital has touched the lives of many.

While we have encountered many changes over the years, one thing never wavers….the quality of care at our hospital. This is possible due to our top notch Physicians, Staff and the essential medical equipment that is provided by the generous people who continue to consider PCH Foundation in their charitable giving.

Prince County Hospital is a 102 bed acute care facility serving many thousands of Islanders each year. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the PCH Foundation continues with their mission to fund critical medical equipment needs for current and future generations.

Download the PCH Foundation Charitable Organization Fact Sheet


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