Gift Planning is the donor-centered process of planning charitable gifts, whether current or future gifts that meets the donor’s philanthropic goals and balances their personal, family and tax considerations.

Planned gifts are often equated with deferred gifts such as bequests, life insurance policy designations, charitable remainder trusts, gifts or residual interest and similar arrangements where the commitment is made now but the funds are not available to the charity until some future time.

Planned gifts can be outright and deferred. A major gift for current needs, consisting of in-kind assets, such as publicly listed securities, real estate or tangibles, structured and timed to limit any tax on the capital gain and obtain full benefit of the tax credit, is a planned gift.

Charitable giving can help your own financial picture, while helping others whom you care about. If done properly, charitable giving benefits both you and your favourite charity.

How to Get Started

Think about the charitable organization or cause you would most like to help.

Do your homework. Talk to the officers of the organization or group of your choice. They can tell you more about what they do, what opportunities are available for giving, and how your gift can allow them to continue their work.

Consult the appropriate professional advisor. Get the right expertise and advice to ensure the type and timing of your gift maximizes the advantages to you and the organization.

Talk to your family members. Make them aware of your intentions so they can support the achievement of your charitable goals. Once you have decided how you are going to proceed, let your charity of choice know your intentions.