Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island

The Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island (CFPEI) is an incorporated, non-profit organization that provides a ‘user-friendly’ service to donors who wish to create permanent endowment funds to support charitable activities on PEI. CFPEI was incorporated in 1993, and is part of long legacy of some 175 Community Foundations operating across North America.

CFPEI’s vision is to improve the quality of life of Islanders and Island communities through the creation of endowment funds. The Foundation ‘links those who can with those who need’ by serving as the vehicle for donors, and others wishing to leave a memorial legacy, to meet their charitable interests in perpetuity, at minimum cost and maximum convenience.

The Foundation is unique:

  • we are donor focused; each endowment fund reflects the interests and needs of the donor.
  • we are flexible; endowment funds can be changed to reflect new interests of the donor.
  • we are province-wide; and support a wide range of donor and community interests.
  • we are a registered charity; and issue tax receipts (including US) for donations.

The Foundation can be of benefit to:

  • individuals who wish to honor someone’s legacy by setting up an endowment fund.
  • community groups, organizations, and businesses who have a passion about an issue or concern.
  • professional service providers who advise on investment, tax planning, and estate planning goals.
  • anyone who wishes to recognize someone who has made a special contribution to life on PEI.

Download theĀ Community Foundation of PEI’s Charitable Organization Profile



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