A Legacy of Caring ~ Joe and Edith Murphy

Joseph (Joe) and Edith Murphy lived simply, but comfortably, within their means. They enjoyed time with friends and were well liked in their community at Stafford Estates. And their legacy in our community will be far-reaching thanks to a thoughtful bequest Joe left to the Prince County Hospital Foundation upon his passing.

Joe Murphy

Edith had passed away in 2005, and having no children and few remaining siblings, Joe decided he would like to help his community well into the future. With the help of his lawyer, he set out a plan to gift his estate to several of his favorite charities. One such charity was the Prince County Hospital Foundation, to which he left an astonishing $114,043.00.

This gracious gift will be endowed, the principle remaining intact, and only the proceeds of the investment will be used for priority medical needs at Prince County Hospital. In that way Joe’s bequest will continue to grow well into the future, creating a family legacy at this hospital and benefiting future generations.


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